Initial Assessment

Areas of special interest:

1. SaaS for Business
2. Online Marketplaces
3. MedTech

After receiving your deck, we will analyze your company’s overall value proposition and opportunity. Our favorite typecast isn’t  that ‘child-prodigy’ people love to admire. It’s that 35+ yo “battle dog”: laser focused and ready to kill, business-wise of course. We’re not here to educate you, only to help you move faster. If your deck makes sense we’ll meet, chat, drink great coffee and ask you some hard questions. You can ask us hard questions too.

Deep Assessment

So you’re great and we’re impressed, but Charisma can’t take you all the way. This is when we’ll visit you at your headquarters, meet up with your team. Chat with your co-founders and previous investors. We’ll also arrange a few meetings with potential customers and/or partners to see what they feel about you and your company.

Due Diligence

With the cooperation of your board, lawyer and accountant, we’ll inspect and analyze your company’s history, cash flow, revenues, expenses, previous contracts, ESOP docs, liabilities, etc. We’re not looking for perfection but we need to know exactly where you stand.


Private Investors

Private investors interested in diversifying their portfolios and investing in Israel’s future can request to join our growing investor database or apply to our funds. Please contact us at for details.


Investment Focus

Stage: Seed & Early
Investment range: $100K – $500

Here’s what we’re looking for in an entrepreneur when considering a new venture:

Self efficacy

Apply here: