About Us

Valueshine is a Tel Aviv based holding company that funds and supports early stage B2B tech startups.



Without considerable natural resources and despite countless threats from surrounding countries  – Israel has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire world. We are committed to supporting Israel’s future by helping some of the country’s best entrepreneurs grow world-class B2B technology companies.


“Those who can, do” the old saying goes – and it goes without saying that we’re all about doing it. We are a small group of unorthodox, hard working, open-minded people who love challenges and great ideas.


Ori Manor
Ori ManorPartner
Gal Har Zvi
Gal Har ZviPartner
Assaf Tal
Assaf TalPartner
Ariel Engel
Ariel EngelPartner
Orey Gilliam
Orey GilliamPartner
Orey managed companies and P&L units with revenues of hundreds of millions US$. Led a successful Turnaround of a failing company to a high value acquisition. Managed small as well as large (hundreds of employees) organizations.
Jacob Shwergold
Jacob ShwergoldAdvisor
Jacob is a founding partner in the law firm of Shwergold Aharonson & Co. and leads the firm’s Corporate & Commercial Law Practice. He advises a broad range of local and international clients on all aspects of business law and has particular expertise in representing clients with respect to complex cross-border transactions.